Monday, December 3, 2012

November Book Selection Follow-Up

Overall, Where Things Come Back was enjoyed by the entire group in attendance this month.  There was a lot of discussion about the way time lines were used in the story and while some people found it to be a bit confusing, the overall opinion was that it connected nicely, in the end.  The way that Cullen's family dealt with the grief over Gabriel's disappearance was also a topic of discussion because to many of us, it seemed very realistic.  Our group is a mix of people who grew up in larger cities and those who grew up in small towns.  For those of us small town folks, the way that Lily was described seemed very authentic and relatable.

How about that ending?  A few members wanted to know if the ending in the book was the original ending because many of use were expecting something much darker.  So, we'll be contacting Mr. Whaley to see if we can get an answer to our question!

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