Discussions should remain respectful and on topic
Everyone’s opinion counts
Everyone gets a chance to speak

Purchasing or borrowing the book is the responsibility of the individual member.  Books can be in paper or ebook format.  Illegal downloads will not be tolerated.  If you cannot afford a book or are having trouble obtaining a book, please contact Kate.


How are books chosen?
The group leader presents three choices for voting.  Each book must be in the Young Adult category and one that hasn't been read by the group's members.

What if I don’t finish the book?
Come to the meeting, anyway! We all get busy, so if you can’t finish the book, please join us, anyway.

What kind of books will we read? Will there be teenage vampires?
All books are in the Young Adult genre.  The books will range from contemporary to paranormal and sci-fi.  We cannot promise a total lack of vampires, but we will try very hard to pick books that are appealing to a broad segment of readers.

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