Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Book Selection Follow-Up

*The questions might contain some spoilers if you haven't read TINAT*.

There was a lot of discussion about the emotion of the book, but there was also a lot of discussion about the practicalities of surviving an event like this, which was pretty entertaining.  I am confident that, as a book club, we could survive a zombie apocalypse if we had to.

Here are the questions that were submitted by the members for this month's book selection:

1. Do you think the squabbling between the teens was realistic to the situation, or did it go overboard?

2. Were the kids right to stay at the school?

3. Why did Lily leave and why did she come back?

4. What do you think occurred between Mr. Baxter and the man outside?

5. What is the significance of Sloane killing her sister?

6. Did Cary make the right call in his plan to sacrifice someone for the group?  Did Cary feel he had to sacrifice himself to make up for what he did?

7. Why did the kids feel the need to make plans to stay together when they got to the survivor camp?  Why couldn't Sloane just go on her own?

8. Were the teens right to throw Baxter out?

9. What did the zombie girl at the end of the book symbolize to Sloan?

A few people made the comment that this book was really about survival rather than zombies, although the zombies did scare some people.  Within the group of survivors, there were questions about who was expendable and who was used as a distraction or a shield.  As one person pointed out, it ended up having  lot of the characteristics of an episode of survivor.  Sloane's determination to die was an interesting aspect of the story and created some really interesting conflicts within the group since her lack of allegiance meant that everyone came to her at one point to another to try to figure out what she wanted to do.  Sloane was not an entirely likable character to some, but it seemed that most of the club felt that she was a product of abuse from her father and her sister.  The dynamic of the teens and how they reacted to their grief and confusion was very realistic and added to the tense feeling of the story.

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